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What Is The Right Font For Websites

Choosing a perfect font can sometimes hard. Big professional website often similar font. The best font to have is the font that easy to read and does not hurt users eye. Funny it is this ‘small’ thing can change a website look and feel. Font can affect user psychology. So how to know which font is the right one. There are 4 tips to pick the right font. Web Design Malaysia are the right place to get the best for your website

Firstly, try to find a font that portray your brand identity or message. What you might do is you has your own preferences. Don’t use them as it doesn’t fit the purpose, it may look nice for a font. Instead, think about what font that has the same characteristics with your client website and brands. There are 5 main personalities of font for your web. Font that can portray your client personalities are:

  • Traditional, respectable, comfort, reliable
  • Contemporary, modern, minimalistic, progressive
  • Strong, stable, defined
  • Romance, elegance, beauty, vintage
  • Theme based font

You can make this as a reference for your client website. You can organize them according to these 5 personality. This can ensure you pick the right font.

Second, pick a font design that matches the type of audience that you want to attract. You need to be specific on who’s your audience that you want them to be attracted to your website. Determine them according to age, gender, occupation, income or area. If you sort them according to these you will know exactly what’s the perfect font that attract them.

Next, choose a font that is readable. Don’t put on super complex font. Your main point is to make your audience can read what you are writing about. If you put very super complex font and very hard to read it will make you lost you audience. I know that you feel tempting to make those fancy font on your website as it may make look nice see but to read. Complex font are for designing a logo that’s why it look super fancy. The regular font that Sterrific Web Design always use is helvetica, sans serif and robboto.

Lastly, make sure that you font is versatile. Website are load with text. If you use the same every single thing the website will look unfinished. We prefer you use font with different style that can make your website lively. Bold style is mainly for title and headlines. Use italic when there’s a word that is very unfamiliar.

Picking the right font require some time, you need find the best match that portray your brand as good as possible. No need to worry just head over to Sterrific to get the best quote for web design.

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